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Aquaclean Blue Pond Technology

Aquaclean Blue Pond Technology
Aquaclean Blue Pond Technology
Product Description

Aquaclean Blue Pond Technology

Aquaclean is a result of our extensive research in a bid to achieve Clean-Blue water bodies in India.

Our solution 3 core benefits:

Aquaclean prevents algae, fungus and   growth in the water body.
  • Algae and   need just two elements: Sunlight and water.
  • Aquaclean has light reflecting properties which reduces sunlight penetration in the pond. The spores of algae and  do not get their nutrients, thereby restricting their growth.
  • The lake becomes Algae-fungus free.
  • Water + Sunlight à Photosynthesis   Algae- growth
  • Water + Aquacleanà Blocks Sunlightà No algae
Aquaclean gives the water body a sparkling blue look.
  • Plain water is colourless. It does not give a sparking look to the pool.
  • Aquaclean instantly disperses in a water body to give it a sparkling blue look.
  • Aquaclean will do a wonders to your water body. We will make them- crystal blue and beautiful.
Aquaclean protects fish from predatory birds.
  • Aquaclean adds protective shield to your water body which reduces the visibility of aquatic species from birds flying over it.
  • This weakens their effectiveness to spot and hunt fishes from the water body.
  • Thus, Aquaclean protects against fish "poaching" in aqua cultural environments.
  • Aquaclean will enhance the beauty of your ponds and would leave visitors spellbound.
  • It is a special solution and would add considerable value to you.

You have beautiful water bodies. We will make them stand out amongst the best in the world.

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