Propylene carbonate

Propylene carbonate
Product Description
Propylene carbonate (often abbreviated PC) is an organic compound with the formula C4H6O3. It is a cyclic carbonate ester derived from propylene glycol.

IUPAC name


Other names

Cyclic propylene carbonate
Carbonic acid propylene ester
Cyclic 1,2-propylene carbonate
Propylene glycol cyclic carbonate
1,2-Propanediol carbonate
Arconate 5000
Texacar PC

Chemical formula

Molar mass102.089 g·mol−1
AppearanceColorless liquid
Density1.205 g/cm3
Melting point−48.8 Â°C (−55.8 Â°F; 224.3 K)
Boiling point242 Â°C (468 Â°F; 515 K)

Solubility in water

Very soluble (240 g/L at 20°C)

Refractive index(nD)


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